Reduce or stop debt collection

Have you recently received a notice from your employer saying your wages will be garnished, a notice from your bank saying that your account was levied, or from the sheriff saying property was being levied to pay for a judgment?

If you act quickly, you have the ability to ask the court to stop the collection, or reduce the amount that is taken from you. This application is designed to help you complete the paperwork necessary to make this request.

Use this application to:

  • Request that a wage garnishment based on a California court judgment be reduced or stopped
  • Request that funds or property from a bank or other levy based on a California court judgment be fully or partially returned

Do not use this application to:

  • Claim exemption from Child Support
  • Dispute a judgment that has been entered
  • Request to pay a judgment in installments
  • Prevent collections before they are attempted
  • Stop or reduce garnishments or levies from other sources, such as a federal court, the Internal Revenue Service, or the Franchise Tax Board.

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